TakeOff – Active

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 FØRPRIS: 200 000,-

185 000,- ink.mva


  • Al-Ko chassis + Euro axle fully galvanised with hexagonal rubber suspension
  • Steel wheel rims 14 inch with high load index tires
  • Overrun brake with automatic reverse drive
  • Body colour white
  • Earth leakage circuit breaker and 12V transformer
  • Kingsize bed 2.05 x 1.60 m
  • Wind stabiliser bars front and rear
  • Lockable ventilation openings all around
  • Blinded windows with double zippers from above and below
  • Hail resistant body
  • Integrated step up in entrance door
  • LED traffic lights
  • Sockets with USB connections
  • Swivelling Table
  • Upholstery of your choice
  • Fortelt


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